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ISOIS - Information system for management of international mobility flows

This system automates the processes which almost all students, academics and other staff of Masaryk university undergo in the moment when they intend to undertake a stay abroad.

Apart from that, the system also automates preliminary processes consisting of the ratification of inter-institutional agreements, based on which the mobility flows take place. It also allows analytical processing of mobility flows already realized.

The system targets not only at Erasmus+ mobility (both European and non-European) but also more than a dozen of other, lesser-known mobility programmes, such as summer schools, freemovers and individual bilateral cooperations among others.

Thanks to this system, it is possible to substantially reduce the administrative burden of coordinators of international projects because most of the operations can be automated and performed in batch, such as generating of tens of types of agreements and other documents.

This system has been under development for more than 10 years and is used by tens of throusands of users.

My contribution

Complete creation of the system, from the analyses and architecture definition to the programming of all functions and modules.

Created in

2006 - 2021

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(the administration interface of the system is not publicly accessible)

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